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Join the Partner Network and navigate a sea of limitless possibilities. Transform your liveaboard business by connecting with avid underwater adventurers who are seeking the experiences only you can provide.
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By joining our platform, your offerings would be showcased to our international user base, expanding your reach significantly.
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We have developed a streamlined, user-friendly booking process, making it easier for customers to reserve their spots.
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We provide marketing support to our partners, increasing your brand's exposure and enhancing your online presence.

How Do We Work

At, we're not just a platform; we're your partners in navigating the rewarding but often complex world of liveaboard diving adventures. Our aim is to serve as a bridge between you, the liveaboard operators, and our extensive community of divers, from novices to experts, who are in search of their next unforgettable underwater experience.

Here's a simple step by step view at how our partnership works on a daily basis:

Guest sends inquiry on the website

Partner receives the inquiry via email

Partner confirms or declines inquiry

Guest pays for the reservation issues payouts weekly

Onboarding Process

Embarking on a partnership with is a simple yet engaging process, designed to make your transition smooth, effective, and beneficial for both parties.

Here’s what the onboarding journey looks like:

Initial hello. First questions and answers to get us started.
Commission agreement and contract signing.
Data exchange and building the liveaboard website profiles.
Liveaboard profiles go live on the website. Marketing starts.

Frequently asked questions

All the frequently asked questions from our existing partners and our answers to make your decision to join us even easier.
What is is an online platform that connects travelers with liveaboard experiences around the world. We offer a curated selection of liveaboard trips to provide adventure seekers with an unparalleled experience on the water. also offers dedicated non-diving cruises such as snorkeling, river, or arctic cruises where scuba diving is not the main activity.

How does handle reservations?
We treat all reservations as inquiry first. Once a customer sends an inquiry on our website, you will receive an automatic email with the inquiry details such as: trip title, trip dates, vessel name, guest name, guest chosen cabin, and financial information.

When receiving an inquiry, you can accept or decline by simply replying to the email. If you accept an inquiry, our dedicated Reservations Team will coordinate with the customer to confirm the reservation with deposit or full payment (depending on your own payment policy).

When a reservation is confirmed, we will inform you as soon as the confirmation takes place. Between the first inquiry and the reservation is confirmed, we require you to hold the spaces for us to avoid double booking or other reservation-specific issues.

What are your Terms & Conditions?
Our Terms & Conditions are structured as follows: Website usage for general users, website usage for customers, and website usage for partners. We do not have dedicated Terms & Conditions for reservations. Regarding reservations, we use exclusively your own policies for payments, cancellations, or reschedules both for FIT and charters. The specific details are strategically published on the website, example such as on the booking form.

Regarding partnerships with liveaboard operators, our Terms & Conditions are basic and related to liveaboards honoring the reservations, international safety protocol, and other such industry-specific matters.

How does handle payments?
Payments from customers are collected through our secure online platform and disbursed to liveaboard partners on a weekly basis, minus our commission which is based on agreed-upon terms.

In case of last-minute reservations, we can also issue payouts if such action is required for guest boarding clearance.

Who handles customer queries and complaints?
We have a dedicated customer service team that handles pre-booking inquiries. Post-booking service issues or complaints are generally handled by you, although we can assist in conflict resolution when needed.
How do I get started with becoming a partner?
Simply fill out our online application form below, and one of our Business Development Managers will get in touch with you to proceed with the next steps. With pro-active communication we typically establish all the necessary details within 1-2 days and bring the liveaboard vessels online within a matter of days.

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We're Here to Help 24/7
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